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  • MonkeyParking Finds Its Way in 2016



    Chapter 1

    Generating New Income for Hotels in San Francisco

  • 9 Nov 2016

    After a pretty 'rough' launch in 2014 (People Go Bananas on MonkeyParking) and a 2015 experimenting business models in the parking ecosystem (MonkeyParking is back and ready to disrupt your driveway) we are excited to announce that MonkeyParking happily found its way in 2016.


    MonkeyParking has been working with Hotels in San Francisco to help them monetize their parking vacancies in a flexible and effortless way


    Hotel Managers and Staff Personnel focus on their core business while MonkeyParking takes care of filling up their parking lot.


    In this way we are also helping drivers find a spot when they need it. Josuke has been working as a Chiropractor in Nob Hill before opening his own studio (check it out he's the best chiropractor in Oakland!). Booking a spot with MonkeyParking for an affordable rate has been great every time he had to drive in town from Oakland.


    We are excited to see how things are moving and the best is yet to come. Stay tuned on MonkeyParking for more news!

    with love,

    The MonkeyParking Team

  • "People often come directly to the Hotel front desk asking for parking but I always tell them to apply on MonkeyParking. I like it because it's easy. Revenue from parking is a bonus for us, we have first to take care of the Hotel business"


    General Manager at Motel Capri - San Francisco


      "I have been using MonkeyParking to reserve daily parking every time I drove to Russian Hill"


      MonkeyParking Happy Customer